What are the Best Road Trip Saving Secrets?

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If I was to ask people what their best road trip saving secrets were, most would stare at me with a blank look on their faces. That's because most people usually think about the logistics of a road trip; in other words, having a game plan about the route they're going to take and how long it's going to take them to get there. However, very few have given the slightest thought to how they're going to save money while they're on their road trip or whether such a thing is even possible. Not only is it possible but some of the best road trip saving secrets are as close as your wallet.

I'm willing to bet that many of you have a AAA card issued by the American Automobile Association. Did you know that most hotels and motels offer a ten percent discount to those guests carrying a AAA card? Simply present the card at the time of check in and you've got yourself a discounted room. Being a proud AAA card carrying member will also entitle you to additional attraction savings en route to your final destination. Nice, huh? H

ow about an even bigger discount? Try stopping at a welcome center next time you're travelling down I-75 or I-95 and be sure to go to one of the metal boxes outside the welcome center to pick up a green or red discount booklet. These discount booklets are for interstate travel and show discounted accommodations, usually by chain motels like Hampton Inn, Sleep Inn, Comfort Inn, Days Inn and La Quinta, grouped according to exit numbers. The booklets usually include photos of the motels, a brief description of the rooms available, as well as information about internet and parking availability and whether a continental breakfast is included in the price. The prices are heavily discounted with the presentation of the coupon from the booklet and usually offer two rates; the Sunday to Thursday rate and a weekend rate. These heavily discounted rates offer huge savings for travelers.

The welcome centers and nationwide restaurants like Denny's and McDonald's also carry discount booklets for local attractions. While most only offer a dollar off the admission to each attraction, you occasionally also have those that offer two admissions for the price of one. For families on a tight budget, those are valuable savings.

And let's not forget Walmart. It's hard to talk about saving secrets and not mention Walmart in the same breath. Walmart Supercenters can be found along most interstates and all carry a multitude of fresh fruit, bread for sandwiches, cold cuts, snacks and beverages for making and providing impromptu meals at rest stops. It allows parents to keep their brood fed while keeping a tight rein over their limited budget.

The thing to keep in mind is that regardless whether you're a snowbird heading down to the Sunshine State for some much-needed rest and relaxation or you're a large family on an adventure outing to parts unknown, there are savings worth taking advantage of — you just have to know where to look!

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