What's the smartest/cheapest way to eat while traveling in Taiwan?

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So you've finally saved up enough money and are ready to land in Taiwan for your week long adventure of eating, drinking, exploring, and discovery of all the reasons that Taiwan is one of the top countries to visit in Asia. You are going to want as much money as possible to travel around the countryside and enjoy some of the more luxurious things there are to do. Well, I've got one surefire way to help you along while still enjoying some of the finest foods this amazing country has to offer.

If it's a night out you're looking for, the smartest/cheapest way to eat is one of the many different "all you can eat" buffets. These buffet's are nothing like what you think of when you think of buffet here in America. These buffet's are filled with high class food fare. Select steaks, lamb chops, fresh local fish, shrimp the size of small lobsters, some of the biggest oysters I have ever seen, and oodles of other foodie loving delights. Also, if you like to drink there's an added bonus for you.

These buffets are also "all you can drink," filled with sake, beer on tap, cognac, tequila, and a few other choices depending on the place itself. So you can eat some of the finest food there is, and drink as much as you want for as long as you want! There's no time limit either. You can literally sit there for 3-4 hours! I certainly did. Oh, and the price? With conversion rates it works out to roughly about $10.00 American. So for $10 you can basically eat two meals and have as many cocktails as you want for a few hours.

One of the other smartest (and delicious) ways to eat in Taiwan on a budget would be dinner at the Night Market. If you're visiting Taiwan it's safe to say you've done your research and have some concept of what these wonderful places are. I can suffice to say that the local area's night market is thee place to be if you don't have anything else big planned. Here you can get anything from oyster omelets, fancy desserts, bowls of noodles, dumplings, some of the various kabobs that range in tastiness and scariness to western eyes, and even the dreaded stinky tofu (trust me, it tastes way better than it smells).

All of these item's range anywhere from $1-$5 American, but most of them are closer to $2-$3, and with all the interesting shops to peruse in the market you'll want to save your money to buy some of the fantastic items and not overpriced food.

So while traveling in Taiwan on a budget, make sure to remember these places for the smartest/cheapest way to eat. You'll not only get to showcase some of the hidden gem's when it comes to food in the area, you'll also be saving a bunch of money to be used on some of the other exciting things the country offers.

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