How to get a breathtaking adventure all around the world being a budget traveler?

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Are you tired to wake up every morning knowing you are going to live the same old story?

Take a break and be the actor of your life. Take off for an amazing adventure all around the world, without worrying about the budget.

The following advice are the "Gold rules" for the Budget traveler, who wants to discover the world.

Make a list of all the places you are going to visit and create your itinerary: you are both the traveler and the agency.

Once decided the destinations, it's time to book every flights and all the others transports, which can be booked in advance. Be sure your bag is not heavy: bring with you just the essential. Avoid weekends and non-working days, because tickets could be more expensive. For long travels, choose the night time: you can sleep on board, so that you don't need any accomodation and you have all the day time to visit the place.

Your dream is becoming true, but you need an accomodation. Be flexible and choose the hostel. Hostels are the cheapest solution. Some of them include breakfast in the price. Buy the food to the supermarket and cook it by yourself in the kitchen of the hostel. When you are out for the excursions, bring something easy to eat with you and you won't need to buy anything.

Now, you need to reach every corner of the city. You can walk or use the public transports. In this case, go to the tourism office or to the train, bus, metro station and ask for the transports card. The money you will pay, will be the credit that you will use to travel. You can check your balance every time you want in the stations.

If you are a lover of the nature, and you are thinking about a wild adventure, it's easier: you will have a tent, lots of canned food and comfortable shoes for the long walks, which will expect you.

Organise your days, looking for the attraction and the faster, cheaper and easier way to reach them, so you won't waste your time. Anyway, it could happen that you lose the way. No panic: getting lost is the best way to find amazing places that otherwise would be hidden.

Natural attractions use to be far from the city and hard to reach with the public transports: usually you should get off from a bus, get on another one and so on, spending lots of money and lots of time travelling. That is why organised tours are perfect. it depends on the distance, but most of them are not very expensive. Moreover, buses used for these kind of tours are comfortable and they offer many services, as toilets and wifi on board.

What are you waiting for? There is nothing easier than organising your adventure. Every time is good to travel all around the world, so don't miss the opportunity to book now and let your dream become true.

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