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For some families, vacation travel on a budget is a necessity. Others want to maximize their vacation dollars. Some people just want to see how much they can save and still have a great vacation. It is easier than most people think to save a bundle on a vacation. With a little flexibility and time, most travelers can save some big money.

To start the savings, jump on the internet. Do you want to go visit the Caribbean? The first thing you will need to look up is the Caribbean 'low-season'. Low-season means that tourist do not normally visit during this time for one reason or another. For example, low season in the Caribbean is between mid-April and mid-December. Part of this time is hurricane season. Most people do not want to encounter a hurricane on their vacation. They don't book their stay, say, in the Bahamas, during September because they fear hurricanes.

If people don't book their vacations, then business owners get desperate. They look for ways to entice guests to come and play. Free upgrades, free night's stay with purchase of a week, and free meals are all popular perks used to get business. Why not cash in on those great money-saving offers? After all, the chances of a hurricane hitting the island you choose, on the week you choose, is unlikely. If you purchase travel insurance, you guarantee that your vacation will not be ruined by the weather.

Hotels are not the only ones who offer great low-season savings. Cruise lines want to fill all of those empty cabins. Consider booking a Caribbean cruise during hurricane season. The rates are cut drastically. Captains are trained to go around any impending storms. Guest safety is a priority. You can often find buy-one-get-one offers on cabins, free upgrades, and specialty restaurant dinners during this season. A cruise is usually all-inclusive, too. That means you don't pay for food, entertainment or accommodations. It is all included in one price. A great travel deal!

Is the family staying at a hotel? Look online to find hotels with free breakfast. If you eat breakfast at the hotel, you save one-third of your food budget. This means more spending money in your pocket. Also look for free Wi-Fi and free parking. These are often unexpected expenses and can ruin a vacation budget.

Additional savings can be found on restaurant websites. Go to your favorite restaurant website and see if they offer 'club memberships'. Often, they will send coupons for signing up with them. Free desserts and free appetizers are the most common coupons.

Coupon books can be found in lots of hotel lobbies. Peruse these books for savings on local activities, restaurants, and museums. Local shop owners often offer a free bracelet or trinket with the coupon. This is a great way to get your souvenirs for free.

With a little time and patience, anyone can enjoy a great vacation. Just use these tips and see the savings add up. Enjoy your next vacation more when you travel on a budget!

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